I most recently had the great pleasure to be invited to Newfoundland. This was particularly exciting to me since throughout most of my childhood and young adult years, I always loved novels situated in this sort of fishing town area. Sparsely populated, small town, very little association with the outside world was really intriguing to me. 

Flying over the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland area was so unusual. Usually, when flying over land one sees signs of life; lights, moving vehicles, highway and street systems, but none of these were visible. Mainly because there weren't any! It was small dark island after small dark island, hiding within the rivers and fjords of Eastern Canada. It was wild!

Our friends there were, of course, lovely and took us on mini-hikes across the inlets and shores of St. John's, where icebergs played along the coast and lighthouses winked across the sky. The plummeting cliffs and rocky climbs, ocean breezes, fresh air proved that my imagination of the small fishing town was indeed correct. 

And the icebergs! The icebergs, who swam down from Greenland in a mere three years were towering over us in the little viewing boat out on the water. They are huge, massive ice castles, creaking and moaning from the weight of themselves and the above freezing summer sun. The most beautiful color turquoise lines the giants- the freshest water in the world- and falls cascading whenever a huge chunk breaks off. We were fortunate to see a piece break off one of the icebergs and the whole area around it was littered with little mini bergs, floating in the water. Some people even picked it up out of the water to take home a piece. 

Some of my pictures of this trip are in the Lifestyle/Travel section of this page. Please let me know if you enjoy them!