Why I love Merch

I have been thinking about the topic a lot lately, since it seems like something kind of weird to love. I mean, everyone loves merch really, but I really love it. So much in fact, that I have this business in order to help people make their own merch. At DreamID we make logos and business cards; but what do you essentially DO with a logo? You create merch out of it. You create T-shirts, keychains, drives, postcards...you know, stuff with your name on it. It's literally, make your own merch.

So why do we love things with our name on it? Why do we have such a need to brand ourselves? Is it really important? 

I think in this day and age where there is so much branding for big companies and so little recognition for the little guy, it's a survival instinct. I don't want to get crushed by big corporations, with their symbols, and huge billboards. I'm a person, too damned it! 

Small businesses, and people, need to feel like they have a voice too. Merch helps us feel like we belong, even if it's with our own name and logo on it. I love merch because it allows me to feel like a part of wherever I am-not so much like a separate entity, which is what tends to happen. Whether it's getting that concert T-shirt, or that conference welcome bag- I feel like merch brings us all together.